Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sit down....have a cup...and let's chat..

Happy Summer...

It's been a while since I even thought to sit down..have a cup...and chat.   Great going on keeping this blog alive and kicking huh?

A lot has gone on in my life the past few months.  The challenges - some heavier than others  - have been thrown my way in droves.   I wonder who I pissed off in the big house in the sky to deserve it all.  But what does not kill you makes you stronger...isn't that what they (whoever "they" are) say?
I was down and out recently and put the brakes on a bunch of things going was my unrelenting support of our troops overseas.  

For over three years, every month, I've sent a box of goodies to a different unit - through the Soldier's Angels organization

I took a month off..and thought you know, maybe it's time to stop.  Then, I received a thank you letter from a solider.  He was so grateful for the "cookies and things" which his unit was able to share and feel like someone cared.  He also was excited, because he was going home on June 25th after almost a year overseas.  Boy, if that wasn't an equalizer - nothing was.  Just because some unknown forces were playing havoc with my everyday life, why should I not give back to those who sacrifice more than I ever could?  Suffice to say - I'm sending a package next month!!

Another outlet is my writing and being a part of a great and super supportive group of fellow romance writers..New Jersey Romance Writers.    I'm the 2013 Conference Chairperson - and the planning is in full throttle mode.  Registration opened, and quite successfully thus far, on June 1st.   If you are interested in being a part of this great conference (in it's 29th year) visit
for more information.   

We have over 40 workshops planned, and a great opportunity to network with fellow writers who "get it".   The attendees and Speakers actually understand that characters are floating around in our heads, making us get our butts in the chair and do what we must...write.

No matter what real life brings me...I can still sit down...have a cup...or six...and write.  Whether the words are good, bad, or horrible, they are still my own.  

Here's to a productive and easier summer season for all!


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