Wednesday, March 13, 2013



To my brand new blog and also my brand spanking new website:  My wonderful web designer, Rae Monet ( and her team did a phenomenal job taking my layman's ideas and making the concepts into a website "vision".  

As I sat down to create this first blog of my existence I thought...what in the world would I write about, let alone what am I going to title this baby?  Sure I can write scenes where my hero and heroine argue, or action scenes where the bad guys are shooting and chasing them, but ordinary everyday talk...scary stuff.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a serious addiction to coffee.  Morning, noon, night, no matter the time of day, if someone asks me "want a cup" -  I never say no.

It all started during college when I'd pull all-nighters.  I'd sit at my kitchen table (well it was my parent's kitchen table), brew a pot on the old Mr. Coffee filter automatic drip coffee maker and study.  I made sure I kept my shoes on and didn't wear comfortable clothes...or else the fear of falling asleep with my face in the text book would indeed become a reality.    Hence, my relationship with coffee began.   To touch back on my point, when blog topics and titles were swimming around in my head, and the coffee cup was nearby (shocker)...the title was created.

I hope you will sit...have a cup...and talk..from time to time.  Comments are entirely welcomed..just try to be nice. (wink)

Let me start by saying that my world is fully engrossed most recently with the honorable task of being the Conference Chair of New Jersey Romance Writer's 2013 Put Your Heart in a Book.  This well-known and renowned event is one of the biggest romance writer's conferences on the East Coast.  NJRW is in its 28th year and the task is mine to deliver a great conference - on the heels of last year's stunningly successful event.  Daunting to say the least..but I'm enjoying it.  My OCD is in full swing.  Plus, the coffee helps to fuel the energy I need to multi-task.

This year our lineup is fantastic!  Diana Cosby for Keynote, Connie Brockway for the Luncheon Address, Eloisa James for the Special Presentation, and Margaret Mallory will be giving the three-hour kickoff Pre-Con workshop on Friday.  The dates are Friday and Saturday October 18th and 19th 2013.   The weekend is loads of fun, a wealth of knowledge for writers to enhance their toolkits and a great way to network.

Check back here for more details and how to join the fun.  For now..I'm off.  First blog done - check.


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